Saturday, April 3, 2010

Definately not in Oklahoma anymore..

I did it. Got over my fear of flying over the ocean and hopped on a 5 hour flight to Kona, Hawaii.

Going to be here for 3 months with University of the Nations taking classes for a Discipleship Training School. My classes start this next Thursday so I came a little early to get moved in and spend time with my bestie Lindy Conant.

Once my classes start I will blog about what I am learning/what the Lord is doing in my heart... So get ready :)

For now.. Here are a few things I'm learning about living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean:

1. There are no squirrels here. The first time someone told me this I freaked out. I love squirrels. Sure they are rodents who may or may not be carrying some sort of disease.. but they are just so darn cute. And I like to feed them peppermints. Anyhow, they have these things called mongooses.. (I am starting to think this is a myth because I haven't seen any yet.)

2. Geckos are like Oklahoma's crickets. They are EVERYWHERE. I have been here for 6 days and I'm already getting used to geckos running over my toes while I am fixing breakfast. (I am exaggerating a tiny bit, but I feel like it's needed to emphasize how they are everywhere)

3. Hawaii feeds it's cockroaches steroids. I swear, these things are the size of hamsters. I had my first encounter with one while getting ready for bed and my friend Krista nonchalantly says "Hey Kellye, will you reach up and kill that cockroach above your head?"... hmmm. At home, I would use a flip flop to kill an insect. Here, I need a machete on hand at all times.

4. Apparently it is weird that I say "chunk" here. As in "I chunked a shoe across the room". No one told me that the rest of America says "chuck", which I think is stupidest thing in the world. In Oklahoma I only use that word when I am talking about a chuckwagon.

Other than the critters and humidity.. this is the greatest place on Earth. (Other than Disney World of course). My favorite things have definitely been going to the beach and this cute little Sushi shop called Hiachis where you make your own sushi. The beach we go to is called Mile 88. I guess the locals get mad that the YWAM'ers call it this because that's not really the name of the beach. We just can't pronounce all the Hawaiian words and there is a mile marker 88 sign there.. so BOOM. Mile 88.

That's all for now..

Have a Happy Easter and be blessed.

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  1. You make me miss Hawaii!!! There are mongoose there, that's why there are no snakes, at least there's not supposed to be. I can still smell the fragrance of the plumerias....smell them for me....and the ocean breeze at evening.....ahhh, ok that's enough, I'm about to cry;)
    You are a sweet girl ~ destined for great things:) I'll be praying for you and this adventure that you're on. Keep me posted along the way:)