Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Boyfriend (Really, this whole post is for my mom).

Disclaimer: this blog is SUPER long.
Disclaimer: you may barf. (from cuteness)

I have contemplated writing a blog about this very subject for awhile. There are pro's and con's to dedicating an entire blog post to writing about your love relationship; But, I've decided I am used to all my friends saying "barf" after every lovey dovey thing I say, or when looking through my Facebook profile pictures. So.... bring on the barf. Blog world: meet Levi Miller

Levi and I met through friends at Youth With A Mission. We actually met an entire year before I went out to do my DTS in Kona. I thought he was a nice boy, and rather handsome, but didn't really get to know him that well. I moved to Kona to do my DTS, and he left to lead an outreach to the Mainland. We hung out a few times in Kona before he left, and had several conversations, but nothing too serious. For some strange reason, I developed the fattest crush on the boy. I literally would find myself daydreaming about him, and get super awkward when we actually talked in person. He was the "famous YWAM worship leader" and I was just a little DTS girl. He helped pioneer one of the biggest ministries on the base (Fire and Fragrance), and in my mind was what they call "out of my league". I don't know if it was his status that made me think he was out of my league.. or just the sheer fact he is the most attractive and talented human being I know.

With that said.. I left for 3 months to Cambodia and thought about him occasionally. I would MAYBE would look at his facebook pictures from time to time but you can't prove that :)

Fast forward to this December. All of my friends were gathering in Kansas City for the OneThing Conference (International House of Prayer). I carpooled with my best friends, Madison Wooster and Kaytlyn Johnson and had the most amazing week of my life. The first day we were there, I was walking out of the convention center and saw Levi walking in. I don't know what happened in my heart, but something shifted as soon as we locked eyes and went for the MOST awkward hug I have ever given anyone (I blame it on the nerves). We were in the same group the rest of the week hanging out, and I kept finding myself wanting to stand next to him, or keep having conversations with him. Everything he said intrigued me, every time he looked at me, my heart would jump. Yet, I was certain the feelings were not mutual. He never gave a sign that he was interested. No flirting, no asking for my number... just amazing conversation and nonstop butterflies. And with that... the week was over. (oh, then he swooped my number from Madison at the end of the week...without telling me.)

Two weeks later, Levi told me he was coming to Oklahoma to try and visit all of his friends there. (I know this now, but didn't then... that he was actually coming to see me). He tried to play it cool, and told me he actually needed a place to stay since our other friends are in sorority houses, and I jumped at the chance. Cute boy staying at my house for a week? Absolutely. This couldn't get any better.

When Levi flew into the Tulsa airport it was so nice outside. Probably in the upper 70's and super sunny. We drove around Tulsa, and got to stay with the amazing Wooster family while Madison showed us around the town. We went and worshipped at a friends house with Sean Feucht, and just had good conversation and amazing food. It was perfect.

Levi and I drove back late that night, and by the next morning there was a legit blizzard. I'm talking... snowed in for days blizzard. I truly believe it was from the Lord. BECAUSE, we were trapped in my house for 4 days with nothing to do besides getting to know each other even more. We played music, drank coffee, and talked about deep things in our hearts. I got to know about his family, and he heard my entire life story. I don't know if he feels the same way, but he became my best friend after that week. It was just so easy to communicate and we didn't have to be entertained. We just sat around for hours doing nothing but laughing and talking.

During the blizzard... we booked tickets for NYC. My best friend was there at the time and we wanted to surprise her. So, after a week of nonstop Levi/Kellye time... we flew together to NYC. We walked around Times Square, hung out at Starbucks, rode the subway.. you know... all the typical NYC stuff. My favorite weather is cold weather and Levi is my favorite person, so it couldn't get any better. Still, I guarded my heart the entire time we were there. I wasn't sure how exactly he felt about me, and I didn't want to be the one to initiate.

After a week, I had to leave NYC and fly to Hawaii to start my training for the April school I was staffing. It was bittersweet, because I had truly developed feelings for Levi, but was leaving for 6 months and didn't know when I would see him again. He had no intentions of coming back to Kona, so I wasn't sure when our paths would ever cross again. But, I knew I could see myself with him. After all the time we had spent together, he was everything I ever wanted in a man. He is an amazing leader, pushed me in my walk with the Lord, was easy to talk to, is incredibly talented, and is so in love with the Lord. Leaving for Kona, I surrendered my feelings completely to the Lord. He had to make this one work, because it wasn't looking to good for Kellye. Living across the Pacific Ocean kind of puts a hinderance on someone pursuing you.

Two weeks after I arrived in Kona, Levi actually flew to Honolulu to speak in a school there.. (like I said, he is a big deal). He was only an island over from me. UGH... still giving it to Jesus.

Sunday, February 27th. Levi shows up in Kona with the intention of staying for 3 days and then flying back to the mainland.

Monday February 28th. Levi takes me out on our first date. (Actually, I didn't think it to be a date, just "talking and getting coffee" which was normal for us). He took me to the sea wall downtown and begins the most romantic monologue in the entire world. Seriously, it should have been recorded and put in a movie. Telling me everything he loved about me, and how the Lord had been speaking to him about pursuing me. By the end of the night, he had decided to ditch his plane ticket back to the mainland and stay and pursue my heart. That's right... my pursuit story starts with a boy flying half way around the world just to be where I am to pursue me. Probably the most romantic thing in the world.

For the next 4 months, Levi and I began our dating relationship. He was so creative in the way he pursued my heart, and it looked nothing like what I thought dating was. He would pray for me every night, or ask the Lord about things in our relationship and share them with me. We would cook dinner, and sit around and talk about our dreams, and our childhood. (I feel like a Norah Jones song would be so relevant to enter here.) Our last date before I left for Outreach, he planned out a Song of Solomon date (because I am studying that book at the moment). He brought dates, and figs, and dark chocolate and apples, and we sat around and discussed what I was learning. UGH... every boy should take notes from him.

Now, I am in L.A. and Levi is in Washington. We have 3 months apart while I lead the most amazing outreach team in the world. It has been hard to be away from him, but there is so much grace on it. I get to press in and pursue the Lord in a whole new way, and I have honestly grown so much.

Basically, if you haven't barfed yet... I will make sure you do now. My mom always asked after I went on dates in high school, "did he treat you like a princess?" I could never truly answer yes to that question until I met Levi. I ALWAYS feel pursued, I ALWAYS feel protected, and I know he is ALWAYS seeking the Lord about our relationship. He knows exactly what my heart needs, and guards it so well. Not to mention... he is the most attractive human being on the planet, so that helps. I still get butterflies when he tells me I am beautiful, I still get nervous singing around him, and I still melt when I hear him play music. I have no idea how I could get the most amazing man in the world to pursue my heart the way he does. :)


  1. As the one that asked, " did he treat you like a princess"...I'm seeing answered prayers; and not because of a blog just for me. I love you xxoo

  2. I love this so much!!! No barfing here. The love story God setup between the two of you is absolutely beautiful and 100% genuine. Wow. I'm so encouraged!

  3. Kellye, I didn't barf once and that's saying something, considering my brother being romantic grosses me out ;). Seriously, he's the one who feels lucky! You're an amazing girl and I'm so glad you two bring the best out in each other. Jesus loves love!!!

  4. So, beautiful Kellye! Praise Jesus :)

  5. Thanks everyone :) I am so glad there was no barfing!!

    Momma... thanks for always making sure my heart was being pursued the right way. Because of how you raised me, I knew I was worthy or TRUE pursual. LOVE YOU!

  6. this is so wonderful to read and know... i'm so happy for you and pray God's blessing over your relationship! What a great team you both are! Love ya girl!