Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It begins again...

It was nearly a year ago when I hopped on a plane across the Pacific Ocean on a journey that would change my life. Next week, I get on a plane and head back to join Youth With A Mission for a second year, but this time as a staff member. Goodness gracious, my heart is overflowing with joy. As I enter into "full-time ministry". I thought I would write about my lifelong journey of missions, and how I became a "missionary".

My road with Missions:
I grew up in a church were missions was a significant ministry among the congregation. There were always opportunities to travel to foreign countries with medical teams, and I spent many Spring Breaks going on mission trips with the youth group. My mom was what I like to call a "photographic missionary". She would go with teams and document the ministry that was being walked out in those countries. My house was always decorated with black and white portraits of starving children in Nicaragua, or lines of elderly women waiting for medical attention in Honduras. I was introduced to the needs of the world at a very early age.

Fast forward to 2010:
I completed my Discipleship Training School in September 2010. I spent 3 months being trained up and discipled to ready me to be sent into the nations. From there I went into the closed nation of Cambodia. After 12 weeks, our team saw over 70 salvations, 50 some healings, a church planted in an unreached village, and a bible study grow from 3 non-believers, to 14 disciples. Oh, and the dead raised. All in a country where it is illegal to preach the Gospel. The Lord wanted to move in that nation so badly, and we just happened to be His hands and feet at the time.

After seeing the Lord work in such miraculous ways, I knew my heart would never be the same. A deep passion for the lost arose in me, and I committed my life to seeing His Kingdom come on Earth. Because, once you have tasted and seen, there "ain't" no going back. Isn't that how the verse goes? :)

And so, my next journey begins. As a staff at the University of the Nations (Youth With A Mission) I will be participating in the exact same Discipleship Training school I just completed, but this time as a member on staff. I will be walking closely with the students during their lecture phase; having one-on-one's with girls, and processing with them on how the Lord is working in their lives. During that time I will always be leading 2 hour worship sets with my school leader, Aaron Barker, in the school's prayer room. These sets USUALLY end up with jumping and dancing around, praising the Lord for His goodness!!

During all this time, I will be planning the 3 month Outreach that I will be leading starting at the end of June. I have sought the Lord, and feel very confident about leading a team to Los Angeles. I have felt called to this city since I was a little girl, and am so excited to start walking out the calling He has on my life. More updates to come on the minstries we will be working with while in that city. BUT, I am confident the Lord is going to work through my students in bringing the love of message of Jesus into L.A.

I appreciate all the prayers and encouraging words from all of my friends and family. I have never felt more at peace as to what I am supposed to do with my life :) I am so confident in what the Lord will be doing in this next season of life, and am so excited to continue sharing with you all.


  1. Your life is a beautiful song in motion! As I always will be,...praying for you:)

  2. you're going to be the most amazing staff, ever! So proud of you! Love you so much!