Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Lost Files

Found this blog post in my computer from 3 months ago in Cambodia. Whoops, forgot to upload.

Last week of Outreach

In less than a week I will begin my travels back to the States. I know it would be cliche to start the next sentence with "time has flown by" or "I cannot believe it is already over", but that is truly how I feel. I feel like I blinked and 11 weeks went by. So, get ready America. Here I come.

Looking back on the 3 months being here I decided the best way to recap was to make a "top 10 things" list. Except, I have about 30 "tops" so it might be quite long. It will include my favorite memories, favorite things, favorite people. There will probably be no rhyme or reason to it, but when do my blogs ever have rhyme or reason? So, here goes nothing...

1. Getting the opportunity to preach the Gospel and then leading a corporate salvation prayer for 10 Khmer. Oh, did I mention this was the week of my 21st birthday? Epic birthday party on Earth AND in Heaven. The Khmer were so open and ready to hear about the name of Jesus, and then commit their lives to Him. I think after 11 weeks, we saw over 70 Khmer give their lives to the Lord.

2. Spending my 21st birthday in Cambodia. First off, who the heck does that? It started with banana pancakes in the morning (I knew right then it would be a good day), and then the girls on my team took me to get a manicure. There is a ministry in Battambang that rescues girls from sex trafficking and they all live in a house together. They learn the trade of cosmetology, which gives them jobs and let's them live in a safe community where they can learn about the love of Jesus. The girls were incredible and it was such a blessing to spend my birthday with them. Later in the day, they brought me red roses to my house. Tears were definitely shed. As if the day could not get better, my students at the University threw a surprise birthday party in my English class. It was so precious to see how excited they were to bless me with a cake and presents, not to mention, incredible fellowship. Now, I know this doesn't exactly follow the traditional 21st birthday celebration that occurs in America, but I have never been one to follow tradition :)

3. All of my English students. We have become such a little family, have become so open with one another, and we goof around together. Friday is going to be such a hard day saying goodbye.

4. Driving a tuk-tuk. I FINALLY got the courage up to ask if I could drive it, and let me just say my next big purchase in the states will be this fine crafted automobile.

5.Watching all of my students graduate. We had a graduation ceremony and everyone dressed up and brought their families. I couldn't be a more proud mama. They are going to go change a lost world. I believe it.

6. Teaching at the village. Yes, sometimes I would complain about the 110 degree heat, and the steel roof over my head that made it even hotter. Sometimes my gag reflex would go up because of the cuts on my kids feet that I had to bandage up, since there is no doctor or hospital. Sometimes I felt extremely uncomfortable eating the food that was offered to me at the local houses (it is disrespectful to say no). Even with all that said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the village. I love the smell of the rain there. I love the feel of the dirt road as the tuk-tuk drives us into the jungle. I love the sound my kids yelling "HELLO!! HELLO!" when we drive up. I will miss this place.

7. My classroom at the University. I changed my curriculum everyday to fit my "teaching style". Goodbye to boring note taking, and hello to Kellye singing to the class, and having my students dictate every word I sing. What? It teaches them to listen and write even better. And, I get to practice my singing. Both parties win.

8. Receiving flowers every day when class starts. My little girls will pick flowers and make headbands, bracelets, and bouquets everyday before class. My future husband needs to take note.

9. Becoming best friends with the most beautiful woman I know, Kelli Thomas. We have shared a twin size bed for the past 3 months so it was inevitable we became close. We have been through so much, clung to Jesus, and to each other. I am so blessed to have met her on this incredible journey. (cue the tears)

10. Praying for the sick!!! (NOW, know this list of top 10 is really not in order, because praying for the sick was my favorite). Kelli and I would sprint around the market and look for people in casts and wheelchairs. Sure, they had no idea what we were praying over them, but that just made it less nerve-wrecking to call upon the fire of God to fall and heal them. It's what He told us to do: "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead". THEN, we get to testify of WHO He is, and lead people into relationship with Him.

CAMBODIA. It's been fun. I will miss you.

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